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The CommScope Enterprise Networks Newsletter is published approximately every 3 monthsFuture Image

We are planning a series of articles covering "Hot Topics" in Data Centers and will be running these in the next few newsletters

Hot Topics include:

  • Cloud Computing (April Newsletter)
  • Virtualization  (July Newsletter)
  • Rack efficiency - exploiting all the space within the rack envelope
  • Managing the increase in bandwidth requirements of interconnections
    between different functional areas of the Data Cente
  • Power consumption, cooling, air-flow

Key Product Area Focus:

  • Racks & Cable Management
  • Fibre & Copper connectivity

In addition to Data Centers we will be covering topics in the LAN sector and will also be bringing you regular updates on changes and news from the Standards bodies.

We invite comments and feedback on the topics covered in this edition and also welcome any suggestions for future newsletter topics.

Please email your comments and suggestions to Feedback